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18 Minutes With Our Founder Steve Morris!

Up Close and Personal with Steve Morris


Spend 18 minutes with Steve Morris, Exit's founder, to see the vision and concepts that are re-inventing conventional Real Estate as we know it!

Exit has great tech and great training. And our residuals just plain work. The synergy between doing business as usual and sponsoring people into EXIT is just too powerful. Have a career of success with us! Call Tom at 757-589-1237 or email tom@virginiabeachresidence.com for a conidential interview!
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Tom is a Realtor of 7 years with EXIT Realty.
Individual results may vary. You have a much better chance of being a successful Realtor if you are not lazy, like to learn, hate being someone's employee, like deciding when to eat lunch, want to deduct expenses off your taxes, and find money motivating.