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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Exit a local company only?

No - Exit is an International franchise with over 900+ offices across the United States and Canada.  Exit Real Estate became the fastest growing franchise in the history of the United States based on the exceptional training, marketing tools and residual income it offers all of its agents.

What is residual income, and how do I qualify?

Exit Real Estate has devised a system to overcome some of the traditional "drawbacks" in Real Estate.  At a conventional Real Estate company, your income is only as good as your last sale.  At Exit, if you simply introduce agents into the Exit System, you can earn up to 10% of their gross commissions generated annually as a bonus for helping Exit grow and be successful.  You can earn up to $10,000 annually from each person you introduce into the Exit system.  You can "sponsor" an agent into ANY office across the globe to take advantage of this residual income.  These recruits also factor into your retirement income and family benefits.  You can see the Video on this website which explains this in detail.  Realize that the 10% of their gross commissions does NOT decrease their share of the commission - your bonus comes out of the broker's share of the commission.

Sounds like a Multi-Level Marketing system to me.

Absolutely not.  Exit Real Estate has set up a single level residual program.  If you introduce an agent, and they sell a $340,000 home, which generates a $10,200 commission, you are awarded a bonus check up to $1,020 as a "Thank You" from the company for helping the company grow and be successful.  There are not multi-levels in this system - watch the video for more information.

I have heard of another company that has a profit sharing program - how does this compare?

There are other companies that have their own "Profit Sharing" programs in place, but many of them share one person's recruit, or "Share of the profit",  with 5 or 6 different people, and the income/bonus is dependant upon the "Profitability" of their office.  As we have seen, some offices struggle to be profitable, and when times do get better in the future, the office may very well increase their overhead by expanding their office, increasing their overhead, which again cuts into the "Profit Sharing" that they share with their agents.  In those systems, you are not in control of how much you and your family can benefit from your efforts to help the company.  I have seen some agents annual "Profit Sharing" come in at levels around $187 a year.  One sale from your recruit will usually be multiple times that - each and every time they make a sale.  At Exit, regardless of how profitable the company is, if your recruit sells a home - you get your bonus.

Does the person I recruit pay the bonus to me?

No.  Your bonus comes out of the 30% broker share of the commission.  Exit offices run lean, as the broker recieves only 20% of all commission generated up to each agent's cap.  The agent who sells the home receives their 70% portion of the commision, the office receives 20%, and the sponsor receives 10%.

I heard Exit was going to close in the Spokane area.

Exit offices have downsized recently, as have many offices.  However, even in our current market, all three Exit offices have increased their share of the closed sales in the area as a percentage of total sales volume.  Our offices have and will continue to increase in size as agents realize what Exit Real Estate has to offer them, both now in terms of training, tools and technology, and in the future in the form of residual income, retirement and family benefits.

What is "Exit E-Listings"

Exit E-Listings is a suite of tools that include listing websites, toll-free call-capture information hotlines, video tours of listings that can be sent directly to potential buyer's cell phones, and much, much more.  Take a look at the Exit E-Listings video.

Have other questions?

Feel free to contact Tom Taylor at 757-589-1237 with any questions you might have.


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