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When Comparing one company with another, your split with the company is one of many factors that you should look at.

Many agents fail to look at the "Hidden Costs" of being a Realtor, missing out on the fact that many Real Estate Companies in the area charge extremely high Administration fees (Or "Franchise Fees") that come out of each of your checks, as well as extremely high E&O insurance fees.

In addition to those fees, many companies are charging their agents "Technology" fees or mandatory marketing fees, regardless of if the agent is benefiting from these services.

Exit Real Estate is designed as a low-fee, high-split company so that the AGENT can make the decision on how to spend their hard earned money promoting their business, rather than allowing the company to make that decision for them.

You should also consider that these numbers do not paint the entire picture when comparing one company with the next.

In addition to allowing each agent to keep more of their commissions, Exit Real Estate also offers the most progressive and powerful Revenue Sharing program available!

You can earn substantion Residual Income, Retirement Benefits and Family Benefits to help secure your financial future now, and for years to come.

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